Now you can gift them a choice.

The choice to be happy.

With the Yogurtii Gift Card your friends and family can choose whatever they want from our menu of deliciousness

How it Works

Go to the nearest Yogurtii shop and buy a Gift Card. Fill it with as much credit as you desire and share the gift of happiness!

You will receive the gift card with a beautiful envelope with one of our colors. It really is that simple.

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You can Purchase a Physical gift card from any Yogurtii Store.

Yes, if you registered you gift card then you can send us your details to stop the old card from any one try to use it and then you can buy another one and we will redeem it with old card amount.

No, This card is only to be used in Yogurtii Stores.

When you are using this card you will be able to receive special offers on special occasions for example Eid Adha , or Eid Al Feter on Ramadan , and other future programs from Yogurtii.

After purchasing your card from our store can Download the flexgift app from both the App Store or from Google play and create new account the type your card number Number and also you access code, then you can check your card balance or by going to

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